Analisis Kesulitan Pelaksanaan Perkuliahan PPG Dalam Jabatan dalam Lingkup Kemendikbud


  • Ely Syafitri Universitas Asahan, Indonesia
  • Khairun Nisa Universitas Asahan, Indonesia
  • Anim Anim Universitas Asahan, Indonesia
  • Syahriani Sirait Universitas Asahan, Indonesia
  • Elfira Rahmadani Universitas Asahan, Indonesia
  • Sri Rahayu Universitas Asahan, Indonesia



PPG DALJAB, Kesulitan, Perkuliahan, Pelaksanaan, Uji


In-Service Teacher Professional Education is a program designed to improve the quality of teachers who are already in the office or are currently actively teaching. This program is carried out online, so this program also has several difficulties faced by students. This research was conducted at Asahan University to examine the difficulties of implementing lectures. Data was collected from 85 respondents. The research results showed that PPL courses were considered the most difficult by 43.7% of respondents, followed by PPP with 37.9% and PM with 18.4%. Meanwhile, the knowledge test was considered the most difficult by 69.0% of respondents, followed by the comprehensive test with 18.4% and the performance test with 12.6%. The main obstacles faced by students include internet network problems, technical obstacles, time constraints, difficulties in understanding the material, and adapting to change. The difficulties faced by PPG Daljab students require holistic attention from educational institutions. The government and educational institutions need to respond to these findings to ensure effective and inclusive learning in the context of PPG Daljab.


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Syafitri, E., Nisa, K., Anim, A., Sirait, S., Rahmadani, E., & Rahayu, S. (2024). Analisis Kesulitan Pelaksanaan Perkuliahan PPG Dalam Jabatan dalam Lingkup Kemendikbud . Journal of Education Research, 5(1), 230–240.




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